Kriti Coastline

8 days in Crete. Southwest Crete boasts a stunning seaside trail that hugs the Libyan Sea, passing through a handful of villages, some only accessible by water or foot.

  • Hugging the car-free Libyan Sea coast, Europe's most southern hiking path
  • Exploring Lissos, an ancient Asclipio healing site
  • Overnight in coastal villages accessible only by foot or boat
  • River walking with banks lined by palm trees
  • Wandering the Venetian fortress, Frankocastello, said to be haunted
Additional Information

Crete, or Kriti in Greek, is the most southern land in Europe. On a clear day from nearby Gavdos island (Homer called it Calypso) you can see North Africa! On this trip you hike Crete's southwestern coastal footpaths on an E4 path (Europe's trail network) that hugs the Libyan Sea. Several of the coastal villages are inaccessible to cars and only reached by foot or boat.

Gorges are a major geographical feature of western Crete and three are included on this itinerary. You have an opportunity to hike to an ancient Asclepio ruin, known as Lissos, a healing site with a natural spring. There are 15th to 17th century fortresses from the days of the Venetian occupation that you can explore.

The best part of Crete is the warm hospitality of the Cretan people. They will insist on sharing a carafe of raki with you even if it is only ten in the morning! Cretan food is a specialty in Greek cuisine with certain dishes (like dakos) imitated by other Greeks but only made perfect in Crete.

Tour Details
Activities: Hiking
Rating: Moderate: full day hikes, 4 to 6 hours, some steep trails
Dates: Select your own travel dates. Best mid-April to October. July and August are hotter, so start hiking early and lots of swimming breaks
8 Days
1-4 guests

5-8 guests

9-12 guests

12-16 guests
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  • Road or sea transfers during tour and to airport on Day 8
  • best accommodations in region
  • daily breakfast
  • maps
  • day to day itinerary with activities and logistics
  • pre-tour trip packet with info about Greece, the region you will visit, recommended places to eat, phone numbers and other useful information
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  • meals except breakfast
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