Olives & Mastica

8 days in Lesvos and Chios. Retreat to earlier eras when life was simpler --- thatís the feeling inspired by walks in the aromatic olive groves on Lesvos trails and the beloved mastica villages in Chios

Lesvos, also known as Mytilini, is Greece's biggest secret. It is the third largest island, yet comparatively unaffected by packaged tourism. You will find a rich culture, a proud people and a lovely walks that acquaint you with Lesvos' natural beauty. And donít forget, this is the island where ouzo was born!

Lesvos' southern neighbor Chios is renown for the unusual Mastic Villages which hark back to medieval days when the Genovese city-state colonized Chios in the 14th and 15th centuries. Chios is the only place where mastic, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, is cultivated. Chiotes put mastic in cheese, liqueur, gum, shampoo, ice cream, body lotion, you name it.

Note: Our predesigned set itineraries mean the day-to-day activities and destinations are already created, you choose the dates. The basic price of our walking and hiking set itineraries usually include vehicle transfers to the evening destination and the hike's start/finish points.

  • Marvel at Mytilini's elegant 19th century architecture
  • Bathe natural thermal hot springs in the sea
  • Hike on cobble stone paths and through gnarly olive groves
  • Swim on the expansive sandy beach in Petra
  • Walk to the fascinating medieval mastic villages in Chios

Tour Details
Activities: Walking
Dates: Select your own travel dates
8 Days
1-4 guests
Ä 2,170

5-8 guests
Ä 2,030

9-12 guests
Ä 1,960

12-16 guests
Ä 1,910
* Dollar prices are
calculated daily based on the
exchange rate. The exchange
rate today is: 1.0937
  • 3 and 4 star hotels
  • daily breakfast
  • Ferry Lesvos to Chios
  • Transfers between overnight destinations
  • Transfers to hikes where needed
  • maps
  • day to day itinerary with activities and logistics
  • pre-tour trip packet with info about Greece, the region you will visit, recommended places to eat, phone numbers and other useful information
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