Self-guided 8-10 days tour with moderate or advanced cycling in Crete. Average 32 miles (10 days) with some mountain climbs. Visit the Minoan palace city of Knossos, the Fortezza Venetian fort in Rethymno and an eco-park on the Lassithi Plateau.

As Greece’s largest island with an extendedroad network and breathtaking mountain and seascapes, Crete makes a superb destination for cyclists.

Apart from splendid cycling, ancient Minoan ruins are an exciting feature en route, including famous sites like Knossos and Phaestos, and unheralded ones of equal interest, such as the Armeni Minoan cemetery.

Clients rave about the precious accommodations offered on this tour. Charming old villas, country inns and boutique hotels provide a personal, intimate exchange with the hospitable local hosts.

  • Fertile Lassithi Plateau with mammoth Diktion Cave.
  • Traditional villages in the Psiloritis Mountains
  • Venetian harbor cities of Rethymno and Chania
  • Minoan palaces cities of Knossos and Malia
  • Swimming in the Cretan Sea

Cycling Summary
Day 1:25 km, 15 miles, primarily flat
Day 2:54 km, 32 miles, descend 2920 feet going, ascend on return.
Day 3:44 km, 27 miles, highest ascent 600 meters, 1968 feet
Day 4:45 km, 28 miles, rolling hills
Day 5:64 km, 40 miles, highest ascent 500 meters,1640 feet
Day 6:50 km, 31 miles, some climbs, mostly downhill
Day 7:Optional 54 km, 33 miles, highest ascent 445 meters, 1460 feet
Day 8:62 km, 38.5 miles, highest ascent 260 meters, 853 ft mostly flat hugging the sea
Day 9:74 km 46 miles, ascend 1100 meters 3600 feet climb going, descend on return
Day 10:Departure
10 Days
€ 2,200$ 2,406
* Dollar prices are
calculated daily based on the
exchange rate. The exchange
rate today is: 1.0937
  • Bicycle (road or hybrid), lightweight, triple chain ring, 27 gears. Go to FAQs Our Bikes for more information about the bicycles.
  • Bike accessories: odometer, 2 water bottles and cages, map holder, spare tube, patch kit, bike tool, tire irons, hand pump, bike lock, helmet (note: our helmets are worn by prior clients), rear rack on request.
  • Accommodations in country inns or 4 star hotels
  • Vehicle luggage transfers to next destination
  • Daily breakfast by accommodations host
  • Maps and cue sheets
  • Daily itineraries with points of interest, contacts (e.g., archaeological guide, museum phone numbers and hours) and local services (e.g., internet cafes, laundry, etc.)
  • Emergency mobile phone preprogrammed with relevant numbers, including 24 hour access to an Aegea Adventures representative
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