Magna Graecia

An 18 day Cycling Extravaganza in Greece and Italy. Cycle through history following the path of Greece’s ancient colonies. This extraordinary cycling extravaganza takes you to legendary Greco-Roman sites of the Old World’s two greatest ancient empires.

  • Marvel at Delphi, sheltered beneath the impressive Mt. Parnassos
  • Stand, or even run, in the athletic stadium at ancient Olympia
  • Emerge mystified into the cave houses of Matera
  • Visit the ancient Hellenistic city of Syracuse
Additional Information

Ancient Greece is popularly regarded as the bedrock of Western Civilization owing to its brilliant creations: democracy, the alphabet, the theatre, thermal baths, philosophy. From 800 BC, intrepid Greeks spread these innovative ideas far and wide, most belovedly to Bella Italia.

Greece’s colonies in Sicily, Puglia and all along Italy’s southern coast became known as Magna Graecia, “Greater Greece.” The Romans added their own flavor to Greek culture and carried this version to all corners of its extended territory.

Now, some 3,000 years later, adventure cyclists have the opportunity to explore the legacies of the Greco-Roman empires. The Magna Graecia tour starts at the logical starting point, Athens, named for the goddess of wisdom Athena. From Athens, we move continually westward across the Peloponnese peninsula, crossing the Adriatic Sea to Bari, through Puglia and Calabria, finally to Sicily.

On the Magna Graecia tour, you will be enraptured by the wonders of Hellenic Civilization and the Roman refinements, the finest Mediterranean cuisine and wines, the hospitality of modern Greeks and Italians and, of course, exciting cycling routes.

Tour Details
Activities: Cycling
Rating: Moderate
Dates: September 3 - 20, 2009
18 Days
€ 4,980$ 5,447
Single Supplement
€ 644$ 704
* Dollar prices are
calculated daily based on the
exchange rate. The exchange
rate today is: 1.0937
  • All accommodations in exceptional hotels, B&Bs, or family-owned inns. A/C, private bath.
  • All breakfasts
  • 12 dinners with house wine
  • All domestic land and sea transportation from tour's designated starting point, Athens, to tour's end point, Catania.
  • Transfers to/from airport in specified designated time
  • Lightweight, triple chain ring Road Bike with odometer, 2 water bottles and cages, map holder, rear rack on request. Go to About - Our Bicycles for more information about the bicycles.
  • Tour leader, bike guide (for 12 or more cyclists, 2 bike guides)
  • A support vehicle (sag wagon) with driver carrying snacks, ice cooler, bike tools and spare parts, floor pump, first aid kit and a lift if you want a rest.
  • Map of the region with daily, detailed cue sheets
  • Daily itineraries with points of interest
  • Entrance fees to major points of interest, such as museums or archaeological sites
  • Private, guided tours at 6 archaeological sites conducted by professional tour guides.
  • Gratuities, tips and taxes.
  • Airfare
  • Lunches
  • 4 dinners
  • Upgraded overnight boat cabin
  • Alcoholic drinks
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